Integrated Resolution Process



Our integrated resolution process consists of two professionals (Attorney Stephanie Suzanne and Sara Johnson) collecting information before the session and entering into a collaborative evaluation of the dispute. 

We collect written statements from each party and up to three collaterals (people that the parties believe can provide relevant information regarding the issues in dispute and/or the best interest of the child/children.)  The parties and collaterals must provide their written statements before the session takes place. 

If the parties wish for the children to be interviewed and/or a home visit take place, Stephanie Suzanne will carry out this interview and or visit at an additional cost of $210 per hour.

The cost of the full session includes the review of the party/collateral statements as well as any previous court orders or CFI reports.  The day rate is $2,000 per party for the first eight hours which includes review of documents.  Additional time must be paid at the conclusion of the session at $250 per party per hour ($125 per half hour or portion thereof).

The purpose of this process is to provide the parties with third party input with the intention of creating a productive dialogue, brainstorming and reaching an acceptable solution for all parties. 

The parties will leave the session with a clear recommendation from two professionals, a Child and Family Investigator and a Mediator specializing in domestic relations cases, on all of the disputed issues.  Our recommendation will not be presented to the court unless the parties choose to opt for the recommendation to be admissible or to ask that our recommendation be adopted as an Order of the Court.

Parties may reserve the right to proceed to court and use the recommendation to move the dialogue forward towards a resolution based on the self determination of the parties. 

How is this different than a CFI Report? 

The objective of our Integrated Resolution Process is for the parties to play an active roll in creating the best possible solution for their family with the input of two neutral parties’ assessment. 

Our analysis of the issues as well as the content of the session itself are completely confidential. 

CFI’s don’t always get it right.  This gives the parties an opportunity to ask questions, correct misunderstandings or misinterpretations and provide valuable feedback in an active dialogue, up until the final recommendation is made.

CFI reports can take months, ours is a thoughtful resolution process that begins and ends in a day. 

What if I don’t like the outcome?

Our process is not meant to substitute the court process, but is intended for parties that are committed to engaging in a less litigious, more collaborative approach towards resolution.