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Making important life decisions, when dissolving a marriage and creating a plan for the future of your family, or resolving a civil dispute, takes time and concentration.   

attorneys and mediation

While attorneys are not required for mediation, mediators cannot offer legal advice, therefore we strongly recommend that parties count on their legal counsel when making major decisions.  Our experience is that good, solution focused attorneys are a great asset to the mediation process and help parties fully understand their options and feel comfortable with their choices.

private mediation services

We have opened our offices in Southeast Denver with the intention of creating a comfortable and friendly environment outside of the courthouse for parties and attorneys to invest the necessary time and effort into creating the best solutions through mediation.  


We aim to provide quality services to parties regardless of their particular financial situation and offer several options to fit the needs of all clients. 

Please click here for the link to our availability. 

**As of January 1, 2019, Sara Johnson has limited her availability for ODR cases to two days per week, generally Monday and Wednesdays unless otherwise indicated on our calendar.**

On all other days Sara offers mediation sessions beginning at 9:30 am and 1:30 pm at $100 per hour per party

The following rates are for mediations with Sara Johnson that take place at our offices at 2055 South Oneida Street, Suite 220, Denver CO 80224. For mediations at other locations, please see our fee chart below for remote offices.

Deposit is required to confirm an appointment:

REGULAR SESSION: $200 per party for the first 2 hours (4 hour limit).

FULL DAY SESSION: $400 per party for the first 4 hours (8 hour limit).

ODR SESSION: $150 per party for the first 2 hours (3 hour limit).

As of March 1, 2019 we offer 90 Minute sessions for parties without attorneys with our new Bilingual Associate Mediator, Crystal Andrade, for Parenting Time and Child Support issues only. The 90 minutes are billed at $90 per party and additional time is billed at $15 per party per 15 minute increments. State pay is not accepted for these sessions, as Crystal is not contracted with the Office of Dispute Resolution, however her work is overseen by Sara Johnson.

Fees: It is understood that prepayment of the deposit in the form of online invoice, credit card or money order (checks are accepted from attorney offices only) is required before confirming the mediation session. 

Payment for additional services: including additional mediation time and/or agreement drafting is due at the close of each session. Please see the chart below for pricing and come prepared to pay for any overtime.  Your compliance paperwork will not be issued unless the overtime is paid by the clients or attorneys.


Case Type Time Reserved Deposit per party Additional Time

Mediation for prose parties only

for issues of Parenting Time and Child

Support with our Associate Mediator 90 Minutes $90 covers the first 90 minutes $60 per hour per party

Half Day Private (at remote office) 4 hours $360 covers the first three hours $120 per hour per party

Full Day Private (at remote office) 8 hours $600 covers the first five hours $120 per hour per party

Evaluative Mediation or Arbitration

with Atty Stephanie Suzanne 4 hours $450 covers the first 3 hours $150 per hour per party

Integrative Resolution Process

with Ms. Johnson and Ms. Suzanne 8 hours $2,000 is the day rate $250 per hour per party

for the first eight hours.

Any additional time must be paid at the conclusion of the session, please come prepared.

Cancellation / Refund Policy:  Please keep in mind the following considerations when scheduling your mediation session.  We do not deviate from this cancellation policy for any non-emergency reasons, including but not limited to; mutual resolution, incarceration, reconciliation of the parties, having not received financial disclosures, discovery, a CFI report, home appraisal, business evaluation or other relevant documentation. The obligation to exchange sufficient information to mediate is the responsibility of the parties, not the mediator, so please allow yourself enough time to collect all of the information you need and come prepared with your documents.

a.       The designated deposit must be received from both parties in order to confirm the appointment. 

b.       If either party cancels the appointment with 10 (business) days advance notice, both parties will be refunded with the exception of a non-refundable $25 administrative processing fee per party.  

c.       For any cancellations or rescheduling requests from parties/attorneys that are not received by the mediator within the minimum time line (10 business days before the date of the session) the parties will not be refunded their deposits and our office may file a certificate of mediation non-compliance with the appropriate court house if the session is court ordered.

d.       For late cancellations, or if a party fails to appear, the canceling party or the party that fails to appear will be charged the full deposit of both parties in order to schedule a new appointment.  Parties may need to seek relief from the court, if the party late cancelling or failing to appear does not comply with our terms of rescheduling.

e.       In situations where parties have mutually agreed to the late cancellation, their deposits will not be refundable.

f.        If our office cancels the mediation for any reason, both parties will be fully refunded. 

g.       If either party needs to late cancel a mediation session for unforeseen emergency reasons such as illness, accident or act of god (travel advisory), parties shall be allowed to reschedule the session at no penalty to either, however documentation of the incident may be required by opposing party/counsel and the mediator and deposits will go towards the new session and will not refundable.