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"Sara is a great mediator, my go-to person for ADR, such a wonderful voice of reason to an emotionally charged legal environment!"

Jennifer Carty, Esq.

“Sara Johnson is an excellent mediator.  She always empathizes with the Parties while also providing practical and realistic suggestions in an on-going effort to get the matter settled.”

Jessica Bryant, Esq.

  "I have practiced law for many years and have had the privilege of using Sara Johnson as a mediator in a number of cases. I found my experience with Ms. Johnson a mediator extremely competent, both in knowledge of the law and ability to relate to people.  I also appreciate her no nonsense, result driven approach. I would recommend Sara Johnson without reservation."  

John Prater Sr. Esq. 

“I have mediated numerous cases with Sara Johnson and the majority of those cases have settled and a Memorandum of Understanding executed by the parties and counsel at the conclusion of the mediation.  Sara is an excellent, if not exceptional mediator, who always begins a session with a smile (and ends with a smile) and who understands not only family law, but of equal importance, understands people. Sara relates to what each party is going through and perceives when someone just needs to be “heard,” and has the patience and empathy to let each party express himself/herself. You cannot go wrong with mediating a case with Sara. I highly recommend her!”

Kerri Lego, Esq.

“Sara Johnson is professional and practical.  She has helped settle several contested family law cases for our firm.  We endorse her without hesitation.”

Genet Johnson, Esq.

“Ms. Johnson is one of my preferred mediators for domestic relations cases. She has an ability to get right to the heart of the matter, and her direct approach is very effective. If she is not able to help parties resolve their disputes, it is usually because one party has very unrealistic positions. I would not hesitate to recommend her services!”

Janie Cox, Esq.

"I have had the fortune of being assigned to Sara Johnson (by Mara who is amazing) through the Office of Dispute Resolution for several family law mediations (divorce, child custody and support, maintenance). I think Sara has a unique ability to get the parties to be reasonable in very difficult times. I find her to be very ethical in her handling of parties and very informative to both sides. She is fair. She is creative in coming up with agreement both parties find acceptable. She's knowledgeable. I highly recommend her. "

Linda Lee, Esq.

"Sara is an outstanding mediator who manages high conflict cases with ease. Sara carries out each mediation with respect. Sara has compassion for the clients and understands their circumstances, which she uses to bridge the gap and bring them closer to agreement. I use Sara as a mediator almost exclusively for all my clients, including my Spanish only speaking, as I know I will always receive quality mediation. "

Stephanie Suzanne, Esq.

"I'm so grateful to Sara for helping bring some peace back into our family"

Prose client, Denver

"Sara is our clinic's Go-To Mediator!  Her knowledge, patience, and persuasive approach in mediation sets them up for success. My clients, especially the Spanish speakers, feel heard and understood regardless of the outcome. That is truly a sign of a skilled mediator in any language!"

Jose Escobar, Esq.

"Sara Johnson was a joy to have as a mediator in our mediation program at Denver Juvenile Court. She is bilingual-Spanish and was always a professional in working with our families. These were some of the most difficult cases to mediate but she was always available and willing to work with these families."

Barbara Bosley, former Family Court Facilitator, Denver JV Court

"Sara and her staff are great to work with. She offers creative solutions to resolve even the most complicated of scenarios."

Aaron Elinoff, Esq.